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Wooldridge Library Renovation

​​Scope of Work

Existing phased renovation of three floors of the Marist Wooldridge library constituting 20,000 s.f. of classroom, stacks, administration and archive space.


​Design Approach

The Wooldridge library is the center of the Marist school campus but was not acting as a student hub. The building was largely being used as a traditional library, populated by stacks and collaborative tables for research. The first and third floors had some mix of utilitarian teaching and office space. The goal of the project was to redeisng the building in phases to incorporate new uses, classrooms, technology, student services and to rebrand the space to reflect the Marist School's identity. A large tutoring suite was added to an empty suite on the third floor along with a new archives suite, technology and training meeting space, technology repair and other office space. The new tech space was designed with metal and glass to evoke a high tech look. The existing second floor stack space was worn and sterile. The goal was to introduce the school colors and more warmth to the space. New types of seating and space were added to add more flexibility and a multiuse classroom was added in the center of the space. The  remodel included adding recycled paper countertops with vertical light poles at each brick column for private study. First floor classrooms were updated and redesigned to accommodate new meeting space and tutoring.



Atlanta, Georgia



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